Mike Ricordati's radio show is geared toward the unemployed, alcoholic shut-ins.

Mike Ricordati shit toucher

Mike Ricordati is "Common Man"?

I don't think so.

In order to distinguish between the two sports radio show hosts broadcasting on "The Fan" network who both use "COMMON MAN" as their trademark show name we must alter one name or the other. We have researched exhaustively and found that Dan Cole has been using "Common Man" for over fifteen years, while Mike Ricordati just started using "Common Man" as his show name in the past year, or two.

But what do we do now that two sports talk radio personalities broadcasting on "The Fan" insist on using "Common Man"?

Mike Ricordati was named "Common Man' by Scott Torgerson who obviously stole it from Dan Cole. The extensive overlap in Minnesota of Scott Torgerson and Dan Cole's sports radio show using the name "Common Man" makes this clear.

We propose that since Dan Cole is the first user by fifteen years or more, we will allow him to continue using, "Common Man" as is, without alterations.

However, Mike Ricordati (the idea thief, he knows Torgerson stole the name) will be forced to alter his show brand name from, "Common Man" to "Common Man the Big Fag" which will help everyone know which Fan sports broadcasting personality is being referenced, Mike Ricordati or Dan Cole.


Dan Cole is "Common Man"


Mike Ricordati is "Common Man the Big Fag"


It is so ordered by,

Minneapolis Saint Paul, MN


New promotional logos have been designed for Mike Ricordati and Scott Torgerson to use to Promote their show "Common Man the Big Fag & The Torg".



Mike Ricordati and Scott Torgerson Sports Talk Radio geared toward  the everyday unemployed alcoholic  shut-in.

We went ahead and altered Scott "The Torg" Torgerson's show name because he frequently steals jokes, ideas and material.

"The Torg" is now "Hair Plug Paint Huffer"

So let it be written.


Since Mike Ricordati is now "Common Man the Big Fag" he should probably delve into promoting gay dating and gay porn sites. I'm sure he will embrace this because he knows there is nothing for him to be ashamed of. . . gay wise. Lord knows he says so on his show, so I'm sure he understands.

Some promotional banner ads we found.


Mike Ricordati gay advertisement


Mike Ricordati gay advertisment with Jake


Common Man The Big Fag is Mike Ricordati and he is joined by Scott Torgerson the paint huffing hair plug bald fucker

(Mike Ricordati's past comes back to haunt him.)

Mike Ricordati finds love!


Scott Torgerson

Scott Torgerson bleeding hair plugs

Mike Ricordati needs to get the fuck out of Ohio!


Columbus, Ohio invites Mike Ricordati to take his crap show and get the fuck out of town!

Scott Torgerson can stay if he stays off air.

Mike Ricordati is a midget. He is about 4 feet tall.

Mike Ricordati ( Common Man - the Big Fag ) caught by surprise.

Can you imagine the effort required by him to try to endure his life?

All of the medications, therapy, loneliness, shame, anger, jealousy and a skewed sense of self make Mike Ricordati an odds on favorite to shut his garage door and leave his car running while he drifts off to a well deserved eternal break from all of his torment, anguish and suffering.

Mike Ricordati - this freak show is just sick. Can you imagine what has gone on in this guy's private life for the last 15 years? Does his wife know?   The horror of living as him for even one day makes me shudder. Mike Ricordati - can you imagine the hell?

That's right Ricordati, you reap what you suck. No matter if you sucked it in your basement, in the bowling alley parking lot or on air.


And what's with this Torgerson douchebag?

Scott Torgerson t-shirt pride

Scott Torgerson, how long did your hair plugs bleed when they cut open your scalp and shoved them in? Do they still bleed? What about when you cough? Do your hair plugs bleed when you sneeze? Will you spray paint your scalp next to help cover up your humiliating perpetual problem? When do you get the next round of hair plugs? Every day more of you hair abandons you. Day by day, like sand through an hour glass.